Cora Carmack and the Whirlwind that is LOSING IT

Last month Cora Carmack celebrated the paperback publication of her runaway bestseller LOSING IT. I had the good fortune to interview her this week for the Query Tracker Blog. Hers is quite a story, so hop on over there and take a look! Thank you, Cora, for dropping by Blurb is a Verb as well, to chat about your launch experience. 

Q. One of the first ways your book attracted attention was with its cover reveal blog tour, in which 30 blogs participated. Since you published the book yourself first, does that mean you designed the cover, too? I noticed that the print version has one photo which is the same and one which has changed. Was that a rights issue, or a design issue?

A. I did do the original cover myself (and it was the hardest part of the whole process). I was so happy to be able to hand over cover design to the professionals when I signed a traditional contract. And yes, Harper Collins kept part of the original cover in the hopes of maintaining the recognition that my original cover had, but we decided to replace the guy on the cover. Though we liked the original guy, he looked a little young. We also liked the idea of not showing the guy’s face on the cover because so many readers prefer to imagine the guy in their head without being influenced by a cover.

Q. Now that you're deep into the traditional publisher publicity process, what has surprised you about it? Have you had any Bliss-like awkward publicity moments? 

A. Ha ha. Well, the craziest thing for me so far has just been the schedule (though mine is by no means traditional). Harper Collins and I both wanted to get my next books out as quickly as possible. So, I wrote my second book in about five weeks plus another month of editing, and now my third book is due in just a few weeks. That’s definitely been overwhelming.

Bliss-like awkward moments? My life is filled with those. Like Bliss, I can get a little too much in my head. For every sentence I say out loud, a dozen pass though my head. I recently had a short feature on an episode of Nightline. Here’s a little peek at how it went (for me anyway):

“So, Cora… your book is about a girl desperate to lose her virginity?”
I’m desperate for a straightener. Dear God, it’s so humid. I can feel my hair curling. That can’t be normal. Oh, right. Questions. She’s asking me questions. And the camera is pointed at me, and there’s a pimple on my chin that I tried to cover. I hope I haven’t sweated off all my make-up. People inside the Starbucks next door are staring at me. They’re totally wondering why that crazy girl with crazy hair is being filmed. SERIOUSLY. SO HUMID. OKAY. Focus. Book. Virginity.
“Yes, it is. And I think it’s a very timely subject.”

I’d tell you what I was thinking through other parts of the interview, but on the more difficult questions my inner monologue devolved from rambling to just lots of expletives. So, I better not.

You can visit Cora Carmack on her blog, and find her book in stores everywhere.