Author Jim C. Hines Makes Us Think About (and laugh at) Cover Art

Jim. C. Hines is the author
of 3 fantasy series,
including Libriomancer

By Sarah Pinneo

Fantasy author Jim C. Hines has a bone to pick with the way women are portrayed on the covers of some successful titles. On his blog he put it this way:
Readers, if y'all buy a bunch of semi-clad boob-and-butt books while ignoring the sensibly clad ass-kicking heroines, then that's what you'll keep getting.
But rather than rant about it, Mr. Hines decided to show the world just how widely yawns the gap between some cover art and realistic body position. The result was a series of hilarious and edifying blog posts.

I've excerpted just two of his many cover comparisons here. Run, don't walk, over to his blog to see the entire collection. First he took on ungainly and oversexualized female poses, and then followed them up with a look at the rippling, testosterone fueled male covers.

Oh, and then Mr. Hines managed to raise over $15,000 for charity by upping the anti. Click. Enjoy. Laugh. Learn.

Actor and author Wil Wheaton described Jim’s first published fantasy novel Goblin Quest as “too f***ing cool for words!” which is pretty much the Best Blurb Ever. Jim is also the author of a quartet of fairy tale retellings (in which Snow White is a witch and Sleeping Beauty a kick-ass ninja), and Libriomancer (about a librarian from Michian’s Upper Peninsula who pulls things out of books and kills sparkling vampires with laser guns). In 2012, he received the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer for his online writing about SF/F. You can read more about him at, or visit him at Goodreads.