November Round Up!

November is, hands down, the busiest month of my life. It's been really quiet around Blurb is a Verb, but I finished my 50,000 NaNoWriMo words about a half an hour ago, so things are looking up. There are a few links I'd love to share with you:

I wrote an essay for Query Tracker that I feel good about: Knitting a Book is like Writing a Sweater. Incidentally, if any readers are at the Query stage of your publishing careers, I have nothing but good things to say about The website is run well by excellent folks. It's one of the few web services for which I've ever paid to be a premium member. It was well worth the money.

I enjoyed this essay on HuffPo: Nine Things Every Publicist Does (Differently) That You Should Do, Too! It is a nice primer on the publicity process.

One more: a neat post on Galley Cat tracking the Goodreads success of an indie bestseller.

Now I'm off to edit a draft of a novel I finished in the spring. Because it's non-stop fun around here. Happy writing!