Amazon Invents a Brand New Way to Stress Out Authors

rank (rangk) 1. noun A relative position in a society. 2. adjective Strong and offensive in odor and flavor.

Introducing Amazon Author Rank! It wasn't quite enough to have your work judged, ranked and spliced by algorithm robots. Amazon would like to rank your very person! For now, this vital, ego-busting information is located only at Author Central, the data portal for registered Amazon authors. I don't see it on any public author pages. Unfortunately, that means that if you're having a really bad day, it's not possible to look up other authors and compare your rank unfavorably to theirs.

Maybe that will come with Author Rank v. 2.0.

In the meantime, Amazon does list 88,549 different bottles of wine for sale, along with 1,949 beers.


Update: my favorite tweet on the topic so far.