Ann Patchett's Book Tour Wisdom

Summer has (unofficially) arrived. There are strawberries at the farmers' market, and my kids are getting out of school in (gasp!) a few short days. I look forward to getting a lot of reading done this summer, as I hang out by the pool / playground / soccer camp. I've giddily loaded up my to-read list on goodreads, and I'm ready to dive in.

Four summers ago, Ann Patchett wrote a most wonderful essay about going on book tour, for Atlantic's fiction issue in 2008. The title is "My Life in Sales." Doesn't that sound familiar?

A month of living in a suitcase, eating in airports, and cracking your forehead open against hotel-room walls in the middle of the night often comes to very little. But the only thing worse than going on book tour is not going.

For its wisdom, for its inspiration, and for its calming influences "My Life in Sales" is a must read.  You can thank me later.