Cool Facebook App for Random House Authors

If you have published a book with any Random House imprint (even several years ago) and you have not logged into their new author portal, what are you waiting for?

In addition to the sales data, on the new site you will find a Facebook app which takes less than one minute to install. (And installation is idiot proof. Trust me on this one.) Facebook prompts you to indicate which of your "pages" the app should link to. (That means your book or your author persona must already exist in Facebook before you install the app. It cannot link to your personal profile.)

The result is the appearance of an "Author Bookshelf" choice to your Facebook tabs, like so:

And when visitors click on "Author Bookshelf," they are brought to a Facebook screen which automatically displays your cover art, a scrolling bar featuring your other titles at Random House (if you have any) and a "buy" menu with multiple vendor choices, including Indie Bound. Like this:

Thanks, Random House. I'm kind of impressed.