Public Speaking the Lev Grossman Way

Best selling author Lev Grossman has posted an excellent little primer on public speaking, which you should run over to his blog to read. It begins:

I speak in public a lot, which is a weird thing for a person with as much social anxiety as I have to do. I mean, I can barely speak in private.But if you’re going to be a writer in the present century you pretty much have to do it. And the truth is, after hating it and fucking it up 10,000 times – and many of the people reading this blog have probably seen me fuck it up in person — I’ve actually started to like speaking in public. 

The funny introduction is followed by nine lessons (such as #4 Massively Over-Prepare and #5 Have a Beer or Don't). Every one of them is a keeper.


  1. Best advice for writers/readers I've read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would amend "have a beer" to "have a slug of cheap chard or don't." Sadly, I already know which alternative I would choose. . .

  3. Public speaking is only difficult if you want it to be. After 5 years speaking in public I realize that speaking to many is one way to express what I truly feel and I am thankful that it has also made way for me to improve more in what I do...

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