Author Jody Hedlund's Groovy Cover Contest

It's always a struggle for authors to engage their readers in a true discussion. In between books, what do readers and authors really have to say to each other anyway? Michigan author Jody Hedlund has always done a great job encouraging reader participation on her blog. But this latest development really blew my doors off. Hedlund's publisher, Bethany House, actually let her readers vote on a winning cover for the next book, from three choices.

I know that some of you are beating your heads against the monitor right now, saying: if only I could have a choice between three covers!

I feel your pain.

But isn't this cool?  Her readers chose the top one from the three on her blog. Hedlund received more than 100 votes.


  1. This is a great idea! My tween book, Stained Glass Summer, also had a choice between three covers which I saw. I wish I'd thought to put it out to my blog readers for a vote!

  2. Jody really does a fantastic job of communicating with her readers. I believe she's tireless! And I think her readers chose the best of the three covers.

  3. @Petrea--I like their choice, too!

    @Mindy--you got to choose? Excellent. Sometimes I feel I could do an entire post about cover drama. I've heard tales...

  4. Jody does blogging well. Her posts are relevant and she very approachable. Jody's readers chose well I think.